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A trade show project of lrh products

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A trade show project of lrh products(THE APPLICATION OF PROJECT MANAGEMENT BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE) THE THREE MOST IMPORTANT KNOWLEDGE AREAS: PROJECT INTEGRATION MANAGEMENTThis knowledge area encapsulates all the features present and/or available to conduct, implement and execute the trade show exhibition of LRH Products.  Integration covers and provides all the procedures necessary to make coherent the different aspects of the project and make them in conjunction with the various functions and purposes.    Through this knowledge area, the course to be taken to proceed with the project will be designed and developed.  The plan of action will be drawn.  The project’s direction, management, monitoring and controlling change will become clear when this knowledge area is applied.

It is because it will assist in pinpointing the various points of compromises and support systems that will buffer the knowns and the unknowns to conduct the trade show. The logistics available for the trade show are considerably complete.  The printed collaterals to be used for the show are all in stock and order.  However, there is still the need to update the presentations and to designate and train the crew for the show.   What needs to be purchased includes give aways and the clothing for the crew to be assigned to the trade show.  Then the transporting of the show materials and the travel arrangements of the crew will have to be arranged.

It is through knowledge of integration that will orchestrate all of these factors. PROJECT SCOPE MANAGEMENTThe trade show project for LRH products is a very specific project.  Therefore through the application of the knowledge of project scope management will ensure that the trade show will prepare for and include only those work and logistics that are pertinent to the trade show.   This knowledge area will create work breakdown structures, define and plan the pertinent work to be implemented to conduct the trade show and will verify and control the application of only the pertinent and specific features of the project. The show needs product information materials and processes and the attending trade show crew that are defined, designated and trained.

Apart from those, this area of knowledge in project management will weed out any unnecessary factors, like, including or providing entertainment, for example.  The know-how of project scope management will immediately and specifically harness the pertinent needs and requirement of the trade show. PROJECT TIMEMANAGEMENTWith the very specific time parameters and schedule of the trade show, applying knowledge of project time management will ensure the efficient execution of the exhibition of LRH products.   This knowledge area enables a specific timetable to be created; the logical and proper sequencing of the chronology of events and activities in preparation for the trade show; estimating time duration of each activity; controlling support action plan in case of unforeseen deterrence. The factors surrounding the logistics of the project that include the definite schedule of the trade show; the specific delivery time of information materials of LRH products; the allowable work hours you and the support staff can extend for this project; the required time to input additional factors for the trade show – will require the management of such time to meet the needs of the trade show.  Project time management as a knowledge area will create the efficient and productive result of the trade show because schedules are in place and well followed and well monitored.

EFFECT OF UNAPPLIED KNOWLEDGE AREAMissing out in the application of integration for the trade show, will weaken each and every factor.  For example, accomplishing the revision required by the presentation must consider the available time that Pat could render to the necessary activity.  She is already schedule to go on leave one month before the trade show.  Therefore, with the ten weeks remaining before the trade show and considering that all the trade show materials must be delivered ten days before the show, working with Pat must commence immediately and that revision to the presentation must be completed within 30 calendar days from day of commencement of the revision.

It is because as the project manager’s product knowledge of LRH is just being initiated, the assistance of Pat who is identified as someone who has good product knowledge plays a vital role in the aspect of revising the presentation.  If the circumstance of the project proponent is not astutely integrated with the circumstance of Pat, the presentation revision might not be accomplished at all. Congruently, without applying the knowledge area that scope management covers, the project will end up wasting resources, time and money.  With what the project manager has been made aware of with regards to the limitation of the contribution of Pat and Terry, the concentration of the activities that must coordinated with them must cover the pertinent features of the trade show that they are capable of doing: i. e., revision on the presentation by Pat and the ordering of the give-aways by Terry.

The project manager has to maximize the assistance that Pat can give in nominating the sales staff to be assigned to the show and training them.  Pat must not be made to be involved in another aspect due likewise to the work-hour limitation.  The same holds true for Terry’s keenness on give aways, must not be made to work on travel arrangements.  In due time that the imminence of training the staff shall be realized, the travel arrangements can be sufficiently handled. Finally, without the application of project time management, the trade show preparation and even the show itself will turn out to be in total chaos.

Missing out on monitoring timetables and schedules of activities will also create an overlap.  The identified work hours that Pat and Terry can assist the new project manager must be taken into very vital consideration.  Time management will maximize whatever those two notable players in preparing for the trade show could contribute.  If those time limitations of Pat and Terry will not be managed, considerable features of the show will end up either lacking or mediocre.                            References: “ A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge”.

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