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A most undisciplined profligate crew

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A “ Most Undisciplined Profligate Crew” The Continental Army of the United s of America was established and organized according to the necessity and this is why the soldiers did not feel for the cause to a great extent.
There were several causes why the Continental Army was not well organized after the section which can be considered as the republican constabulary. The previous part of the army was based on the purpose of patriotic feelings and they fought for their motherland to save their home and family. On the other hand, the latter section of the Continental Army was made out of the rest of the citizens who hardly felt for their country. These people were well trained and there were lots of monetary arrangements which they were promised with. But the basic factor which went against the organizational structure is the fact that this second professional section of the army was based on requirements and crass materialistic thoughts. Management of the army was also not strong as we can see that there was a huge communication gap between the Continental Army officers and the legislatures of New Jersey. The dysfunctional attributes of the Continental Army also comes into focus when we see the difference in protest and opinion among them during speaking against the legislatures. George Washington was also right to think that the people working in the army did not actually realize the purpose they are serving.
The Pennsylvania Militia mutinied protesting against the neglect which was thrust upon them.
The Pennsylvania Militia mutinied in the year 1780. The main cause of their mutiny was very much similar with that of the protests which were shown by the Continental Army in the year 1779. Winter in Pennsylvania is ruthless and it becomes very hard to stay alive in that state without proper protection. Very much like what happened to the Continental Army soldiers in the northern region, here the Pennsylvania soldiers were suffering to a huge extent because winter had set in 1780. They were facing the lack of supply in food and clothing without which surviving the winter would be a myth. Morristown is one of the coldest regions in this state and this is why the soldiers spending days here suffered the most. On the other hand, the mutiny which was led by the Continental Army soldiers also added to the fuel. Their success against the President of the country and drawing attention of the legislatures inspired the other regiments to protest for their demands. Their march towards Princeton was a symbolic protest against the negligence from the government. US government promised many facilities to the soldiers when the country was lacking people to join the army, but in reality those facilities were not given properly.
The Continental Army’s soldiers’ protest differed a lot from the protest of the officers working there as soldiers were looked down upon; their protest was more violent.
Both the officers and soldiers of the Continental Army were promised many things while joining the brigade. In reality everything deterred a lot. They did not even get the minimal proper foods and clothing. Both of them requested the legislature many a times but the US government hardly listened to what they said. This is was the main cause behind all the grudges. But there was a basic difference in the nature and reason of protest between the soldiers and the higher ranking military officials. Many things were missed out at the time of recruiting the soldiers in the Continental Army. These people did not have the appropriate feel for their country. In most of the cases the soldiers were hired in contract. This was something which did not even give them the chance to understand the cause they were serving. Civilians in the country regarded these soldiers as troublemakers and in this way they did not even get the deserved respect from the countrymen. So it was quite natural for those soldiers to protest in a way which was more violent and something more than gentlemanly request to the legislatures. Sometimes they even used to escape from the scenario without any notice making a huge trouble for the government to retain national safety. Soldiers and officers were also different from each other at the point that the former protested more united than the latter. Soldiers could feel for each other whereas the officers only looked for their individual profits.
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