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A holistic student assignment

The Importance of Being a Holistic Student A Holistic Student is a student that demonstrates essential skills for success in the classroom. It is important to be a holisitic student because you will achieve academic success, gain good habits for learning, and you will have the skills to be able to give exceptional presentations. You will achieve academic success if you are a holistic student because the skills you will demonstrate will benefit you in the classroom. A holistic student demonstrates skills such as attendance, participation, and reaches teachers epectations.

If you have exceptional classroom attendance you will always be present for any information that is given, allowing you to have all the information needed to complete assignments and know what is going on in class. Attendance is essential because you will be able to learn directly from your instructors, giving you the means to interact with your instructors to make sure you understand any information given. You will also recieve important updates and assignments, which will keep you on track with the class criteria.

Classroom etiquette includes raising your hand, resisting temptation to chat with others, and cellphone responsibility. A holistic student raises their hand, constantly asking questions, to clarify any information given by the teacher. This is a form of participation, which is essential in achieving academic success. By participating you are asking questions, volunteering, reading, being an active listener, and paying attention by not daydreaming or tuning out when the teacher is speaking or when completing assignments. Participating keeps you focused on what is going on in the classroom.

Being focused goes hand in hand with academic success because you will understand everything you learn, therefore making it easier to do well on tests and in class assignments. Every instructor sets the bar in their classroom of what is expected of students and they demand for you to meet their expectations. A holistic student seeks to see what demands are needed to meet expectations and does what he or she needs to do to succeed. In doing so, academic success is achieved because the teacher knows exactly what it takes to pass his or her class. It is also important to be a holistic student because you will gain good abits for learning. Good habits for learning include active listening, note taking, and critical thinking. A holistic student practices all these things, making them habits and allowing them to learn successfully. Listening is the process of recieving, constructing meaning from, and responding to verbal and non-verbal messages; to hear something with thoughtful intention. This differs from hearing because when you hear you are simply recieving sound through a natural process. Listening leads to learning. It requires concentration so that your brain processes meanings from words. An active listener will learn successfully.

Note taking is the process of writing down important points and main ideas. When the professor is speaking, note taking will help you instill information in your brain and help you to recall information when it comes time to study. Critical thinking is necessary to help you learn because the more you study a topic, the more it becomes instilled in your memory. These habits will guarantee an active learner. A holistic student possesses the skills to give exceptional presentations. To give an exceptional presentation you must prepare. Preparation is essential because it allows you to be ready for anything.

If you are prepared, you will know exactly what it takes to encode information to an audience and you will have the means to perform at your full potential. Mental preparedness is to get your mind ready before doing a task, such as pre-thought. An example of mental preparedness would be to brainstorm before answering a question, which allows you to know exactly what message you are trying to convey. In order to prepare before class, a student should read assignments prior to class, come to class with written questions, be early to class, complete all assignments neatly and on time, and thoroughly read through the class syllabus.

A holistic student performs all these tasks and is always prepared. A student will be able to give a presentation at its peak by preparing this way. It is very important to be a holistic student. Performing all the skills that come along with being a holistic student only leaves room for success. Academic success, good habits for learning, and exceptional presentations will allow success for any student who takes their academics seriously.

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