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A family gathering

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Kate, our sister, took it too vague a reason for quitting a job when you are paid higher than your expectations. However, his abilities, experience, and luck are the factors that help in his life. It took a few months when he got a suitable job for himself and showed his satisfaction with the environment and rules. The distress and depression that he has faced in the past few months needed to be relieved. Once again, a family gathering was organized to celebrate his success and I took the responsibility of all the arrangements.
Since it is not a party arranged for a young teenager, it took me a while to think of the setups needed. He is no more a high school kid but is the manager of a multinational business with his sons getting an education from the best universities in the state. I was much worried about keeping in view their living standards and prepare things higher than their expectations. Mary took the responsibility of making his favorite chocolate cookies topped with honey and peanuts, Kate decorated the wide lawn of our house with flowers and sophisticated decoration material and I made calls to all the family members for the party. The air was filled with the fragrance of flowers and the lights are giving a pleasant view of the beautifully decorated place. The family members sitting on the chairs gossiping about their life affairs were having a pleasant time together. Children playing, running, talking, and giggling around the chairs, rooms, and people.
Mother Mary asked me “ Is jack busy grabbing some surprise for us?” Obviously he was on time and always opted for the unusual surprises on such occasions. The picnic arranged for him after his high school was memorable especially for the gifts he brought for all of our family members and the guitar he brought for me especially. “ What would the surprise be?” Mary asked again out of curiosity bringing me back to the real world. I smiled and hugged her for the impatience she showed and asked her to wait a bit more.
We waited for 2 more hours and called him to confirm the time he is coming. I dialed his number and heard the first beep, second, third and it went on. I dialed his number again and again finally on the 5th call he picked up and abruptly said “ Can’t you wait for a while?” putting me on a deep regret of dialing his number again and again while he was getting prepared for the family gathering. After a short silence, I asked him in a loving voice “ How much more time will you take, we are waiting for you. Well, I know you must be busy in getting ready for the…!” and I was expecting an apology for the harshness of his voice from him, but sometimes expectations hurt only and that is what happened to me that day. Jack replied before I could even complete my sentence and he said in a harsher tone “ What are you talking about? I am out of the station and have a meeting early in the morning; I don’t always get time to attend the calls. Please leave a voice message when I do not answer your call!” this was enough to show me how pleased he was for the family gathering arranged. He left me to wonder if he remembered the gathering arranged for his ‘ another’ success. The family members were all upset giving upsetting and confusing remarks and defiant stares to my mother, me, and Kate.

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