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24 hours without technology

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Since the beginning of human race, we have always dreamt for better living and advancement to make our lives easier. We were determined and were under constant search for better living which is the result of what we are today. All of this achievement credits to our ancestors who where the ones who stepped forward with determination to take this world to a different level and make all of our lives easier , it is all the determination and hard work of individuals that has taken living to a better level today . We now are heading towards an era where there is no end to advancement; we are rapidly advancing and will continue to advance.

But the question is “ Are we advancing with technology? “, “ Is technology really taking us to the future? ” With opinions varying among every age group about technological advancement, the youth are in total favor for the advancing technology whereas the elderly and the middle aged have a rebellious opinion about this technological development. The rebellious opinion that is in the hit list among many would be the Job losses that have been increasing in numbers with advancing technology due to market demand for computer skills, this has made it possible for the fresh employees to recover but for those present it has made their lives much harder. So taking technology advancement we are going to be looking about this topic from every perspective to ensure there is no digital divide. The technology that we see around today from computers & IPods to Psp’s all have something in common to be noticed they have been developed for the enjoyment and pleasure for an individual only in most cases which seems to be taking us back to the past when we humans were selfish and weren’t civilized in the sense of sharing or caring for others. These new technologies seem to be likely inducing everyone one of us from doing the same mistake again unnoticeably.

The advancements that we see today are mostly not aiming for the society like how Thomas Elva Edison or Alexander Graham Bell thought in the past. They are aiming for inventions or developments of technologies for individual pleasure and enjoyment, nowadays rapid advancements can only be seen in these kind of individual concerning technologies such as IPods , Plasma Televisions , LCD Televisions and not to forget the latest hit product in the market IPhone . IPhone which is a IPod cum Phone based device was made to look like a break through during the first arrival of the device big queues outside shopping malls, bulk mail orders and demand that was unimaginable according to the company itself. Apple Inc itself claims that the market demand for IPhone had reached unimaginable rates that the company were out of stocks for quite some time worldwide and had to concentrate more on production of this product to quench the increasing demand rate. This example clearly shows that every individual worldwide is more interested in advancement and development for technologies which makes life easier for every individual only.

No one was even that interested and concerned when the first CFL lamp came out or when the first china made light bulbs were introduced so that every home is lit and fulfilled with basic needs. Taking this IPhone product itself when china took a decision to create a replica of the current Apple IPhone and sell at low rates for the poor , now one even appreciated or cared instead they criticized . Anyone owning the China IPhone is considered to be low in society . Technology is developing at such high rates without even caring for individuals or societies which still don’t even have fulfilled their basic needs. Moreover the gap amongst individuals is also brought out by possession of these Hi-Fi products which creates a digital gap among the rich and poor. Now let’s take a look at the latest fashion of so called ” Facebook ” on the internet .

Facebook right in the start of its introduction to the market had reached 50, 000 users which now has about more than 10 million users and counting. Facebook which is seen to be a trend line and technological advancement is actually taking us back to the past , once again inducing all of us to commit the same old mistakes that we had once done in the past. We were told from past experiences that we should not share personal information , data with strangers or unknown , but now that is what we are concerned and doing in Facebook we want any stranger or person to have a look at our profile , photos and comment on it regardless of whatever it is . We want to create new relationships with unknown people whom we haven’t even met in real life or seen. It’s only a few among the crowd of mass mistake committers that realize that ” What are we doing ? ” , “ Why am I doing this ? ” the rest are like sheep’s following the other ones in the front unknown of what would happen next .

Technology has advanced to such an extent that personal contact has been reduced by many communication means such as mobile phones, internet, wireless radio devices etc. With WiFi connectivity and a laptop no one cares about what is going around them for everyone is engaged with their own contact in their laptop screens and devices. Technology when looked at a different perspective is taking us forward though; the development of technology also has led to development of new problems and issues that we hadn’t come across In the past and to which the solutions are complex too. For example we can consider the inventions of automobile which is a very useful and needed invention , but the fuel emissions from these automobiles which have lead towards global warming and other major issues are much complex than the technology itself to be resolved . We are now finding many other alternatives to stop global warming and are in search for a better eco-friendly fuel, however the damage that had been caused to the environment is irreversible , we can only hope to prevent the damage in the future . The more advancement in technology the more is the complexity of the problems caused that is what is seen so therefore technology is taking us forward but not in the means of civilized way .

I would like to conclude by saying that technology Is taking us to the future , alongside taking us back to the past by many means .

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